Musicians on this project:

Larry Koonse, guitar
Andrew Roitstein, bass
Steve Kujala, flute
Rosy Sackstein, flute
Matthew Roitstein, flute
Alina Roitstein, flute
Michito Sanchez, percussion
Chuck Manning, sax
Alex Iles, trombone
Darek Oles, bass
Joe LaBarbera, drums
Carmen Lundy, voice
Dante Pascuzzo, bass
Aaron Serfaty, drums
Kiko Cornejo, Jr, percussion

Studios, engineers:
Peter Doell, recording engineer
Capitol Studios, Paula Salvatore, studio director

More music, videos:
CalArts Jazz CD Archive website –
26 years of CalArts CDs at Capitol Records
listen to David Roitstein’s performances on CalArts CDs:
1993 “La Otra Vez” composed by Asdru Sierra (track 05)
1994 “Olvidarte” composed by Asdru Sierra (track 07)
1995 “Acerca Do Marquito” composed by Brant Tilds (track 06)
1997 “Vale Todo” arranged by Mario Gonzales (track 02) and
“Vessel” composed by Todd Sickafoose (track 10)
1998 “Alvarado” composed by Todd Sickafoose (track 01)
2006 “Yemaya” composed by Leanne Watson (track 03)

Conversations (Jazz Compass 1024) duo CD with Larry Koonse

Americana (Jazz Compass 1001) CD with Larry Koonse, Scott Colley, Kendall Kay

Carmen Lundy, Live at the Madrid  Mini-documentary video

CalArts video interview (“Musical Diversity”)
Artist House video interview (David Roitstein)
CalArts home page
CalArts Photo Archive website

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